Falcons: Bijan Robinson on how Arthur Smith will use him

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There are many critics of the Falcons drafting Bijan Robinson 8th overall, and there are some reasons to be skeptical. I’m not one of those critics.

I see the Falcons vision under Arthur Smith. They want to pound the rock and control the clock. They also want to play positionless football, and they are acquiring the personnel to do so. Kyle Pitts is a tight end that can also slide out wide and play receiver. Jonnu Smith is another tight end that can line up all over the football field. Drake London is budding into true wide receiver #1, but he’s also valuable in the run game as a blocker.

Now, they add Bijan Robinson, arguably the best running back prospect of the last decade, and he didn’t earn that title by strictly running the football.

Robinson is elite in all facets. He’s an elusive back that can also dish out punishing blows, constantly breaking tackles and falling forward after contact. The Texas product is a big play waiting to happen, and not just in the running game. He’s also a fantastic receiver, capable of running the entire route tree out of the backfield as well as in the slot.

The Falcons are going to use their new toy in a multitude of ways, and at rookie minicamp, Robinson talked about how Arthur Smith wants to utilize him in Atlanta.

People are going to talk all offseason about who the Falcons should have drafted over Robinson, but those same people aren’t going to make a peep when they see what he adds to this offense. The Falcons are building an elite skill position group, one that is extremely versatile. With a coordinator like Arthur Smith, it’s going to be a nightmare to defend. The rest lies on Desmond Ridder, who will be in a perfect position to succeed.

Photo: Adam Davis/Icon Sportswire

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