Falcons: Blidi Wreh-Wilson has earned more snaps

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Fans had high hopes for the 2018 2nd round pick coming into this season after a better end to 2019, but Isaiah Oliver was nothing short of a liability on Sunday. He dropped multiple crucial interceptions and was burnt more times than I can count. The Bears comeback began when they started throwing at him, as injuries to A.J. Terrell, Darqueze Dennard, and Kendall Sheffield exposed Atlanta’s defense even more than it already was.




This isn’t just a Week 3 thing.



Oliver has been a liability — and corner is now a massive need for the Falcons again. He can still turn it around, and with the injuries in the secondary, he will have to continue to play. I wrote earlier how Mykal Walker was a bright spot for the Falcons on Sunday, but another guy stood up in the wake of injuries. Blidi Wreh-Wilson has been on this roster for a while, and he showed yesterday why he’s a valuable backup corner.




As it stands, the 30-year-old former 3rd round pick deserves more snaps. This team could easily be 3-0, and it’s time to start holding guys accountable — draft position and potential be damned. Wreh-Wilson also made some powerful comments at practice Monday.



He’s right. It’s clear this defense is among the worst in the league, but that shouldn’t be the case. There’s enough talent on that side of the ball to be serviceable. 

Oliver’s issues go beyond coaching. His footwork and technique aren’t there. This shouldn’t be an issue in year three, no matter how inept coaching is. When Terrell returns from the COVID-19 list, Dennard, Terrell, and Wreh-Wilson need to be getting a majority of the snaps — unless, of course, Sheffield is back in the mix. With the three safety set featuring Allen, Kazee, and Neal in the fold — Isaiah Oliver needs more seasoning before he gets sent back out there again.

Photo: Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire

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