Falcons: Chris Lindstrom is open to moving to left guard

cfm1908042396 atlantafalcons trainingcamp

At today’s media presser, Chris Lindstrom said that he was open to moving to left guard if the Falcons need him to do so.


This is a really big statement for a guy like Lindstrom. He is pretty young himself, and he’s coming off a season in which he was one of the top right guards in the entire NFL. I can appreciate his attitude, but unless right guard is easier for a guy like Josh Andrews, Jalen Mayfield, or Matt Gono, I expect him to stay put. We’re all very excited about Dwayne Ledford on this site, and he undoubtedly has a tall order ahead of him to rebuild this Falcons offensive line. For now, it feels like Jake Matthews, Chris Lindstom, and Kaleb McGary are the only starters you can truly project. It’s nice to see Lindstrom take a team-first mindset, but I think he will stay at right guard for now.

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