Falcons: Cordarrelle Patterson reveals his true position on the Falcons depth chart

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Cordarrelle Patterson is a Falcons fan favorite; and for good reason. When Atlanta drafted Bijan Robinson, media pundits began questioning his future with the team. I thought the notion the Falcons would cut him was always ridiculous; the money they would have saved is irrelevant to what he brings to the team. Off the field, he’s always recruiting guys to join him in Atlanta and is truly proud to be a Falcon. On the field, he’s a versatile chess piece that can do just about everything. His new position reinforces that:

Now, you may be wondering what “J” means, and I was a bit confused myself, but Patterson cleared that up:

It’s clear he’s playing a hybrid “Joker” position and is still listed as a starter on offense, which Arthur Smith confirmed.

I’ve heard of a Joker on defense (typically a pass rusher in a 3-4 defense), but I guess when you’re an NFL head coach you can make up whatever positions you want. Regardless, I’m glad to see that CP84 is not taking a backseat in this offense, even with Bijan Robinson in the mix. Patterson will be critical to the Falcons success in 2023.

Photographer: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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