Falcons: Cordarrelle Patterson wears “Why not retire in Atlanta?” cleats in season finale

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In what could be his last game in a Falcons uniform, Cordarrelle Patterson made it as clear as he possibly could that he wants to be in Atlanta next season and potentially for the rest of his career.


The Falcons and Patterson’s camp will likely enter the offseason with negotiations centering around the amount guaranteed and the number of years on the contract. If a deal doesn’t get it done, it won’t be because either side isn’t interested; it’ll be due to Patterson pricing himself out of Atlanta’s budget, which is undoubtedly a cheap one.

The do-it-all veteran has stated several times that he would love to spend the rest of his career in Atlanta. He even wore an “Atlanta Georgia Changed My Life” sweatshirt that popped up in his locker on Wednesday from an unknown source. At this point, the Falcons are projected to have around $13 million in cap space to begin the offseason, but they only have 29 players under contract for 2022. So it might not happen because of the money, but it is evident each side wants to reach a deal.


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