Falcons cut starting left guard James Carpenter

dkr19111730 atlanta at carolina

In a move that seemed destined from day one of the 2021 offseason, James Carpenter has been released by the Falcons.

The signings of James Carpenter and Jamon Brown were both massive mistakes, and part of the reason why the former regime is now unemployed. There’s no indication if there is a post-June 1st designation, but by cutting Carpenter before June 1st, the Falcons take on $2.4 million of dead money and save a little over $4 million. If there is a post-June 1st designation, Atlanta would only incur a $1.2 million dead cap hit and save $5.2 million.

The Falcons are now about $15-20 million over the cap, with plenty of restructures and cuts to come. I would be willing to bet Tyeler Davison is next, and Atlanta is probably already in the process of restructuring their top six contracts. If the Falcons restructure all six of their top salaries, they could be looking at north of $30 million to spend going into free agency.

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