Falcons: Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron agrees to a deal

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I didn’t think the Falcons would add a quarterback until after the draft or during it, but the team has agreed to a deal with one of the most decorated college quarterbacks of all time. AJ McCarron is a career backup and is one of the very best in the league.


McCarron won three national titles at Alabama on top of a boatload of other awards from 2010-2013, and he still ranks in the top 20 all-time for SEC passing yards. He started his career with the Bengals as a fifth-round pick in 2014, and he has had stops in Buffalo, Oakland, and Houston. He hasn’t played much, but he hasn’t been what I would call terrible in limited action. McCarron has completed 62.6% of his career passes for 1,173 yards and six touchdowns compared to three interceptions. He put up a brave effort when forced into a playoff start for the Bengals in 2015, but it was all for not after a few boneheaded defensive penalties.

There’s a strong chance that the Falcons had a deal in place with McCarron since before the draft but didn’t want to risk tipping their hand with the fourth overall pick. There’s still a chance that the Falcons choose a quarterback on day three, but I’m not inspired by many of the options available. I still think the team will take a swing at an undrafted free agent option. Overall, he’s a decent and cheap backup for a team that only had one quarterback on the active roster.

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