Falcons game by game predictions: Week 13

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In Week 13, the Falcons face their arch-rival for the second and final time unless they meet again in the playoffs. This game will take place at home, where the Falcons have had much more success against the Saints, although they didn’t put up much of a fight last season at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Thanksgiving.

Chase Irle’s Prediction

Even though the Falcons beat the Saints on the road last year, that hasn’t been typical since Drew Brees started throwing touchdowns in New Orleans. However, they have been much more competitive at home, and I think the Falcons will beat their most hated rival at least once this season. These games are almost always close. Matt Ryan will be able to put up points against this Saints defense, and we’ve seen the Falcons — even last year — shut down Drew Brees. He’s not getting any younger, and I don’t think their offense will be any more explosive This series will be a split, and I have each team winning at home.

Falcons 31, Saints 27

Record (7-5)

Jake Gordon’s Prediction

I hinted at this Week 9 — Atlanta will be ready for this game. That was also written before the entire team seemingly turned on Drew Brees the other night, but I still expect this season series to be a split. I was at the miserable Thanksgiving game last season, and I fully expect Atlanta to come out and dominate New Orleans in a home game with playoff implications

Falcons 28, Saints 3

Record (8-3-1)

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