Falcons get crushed in power rankings across the board

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I wish I could say I’m surprised by what happened on Sunday, but when you lack talent in the trenches, a performance like that can happen from time to time. Implementing an entirely new offense can also have that effect, which is why I’m not completely out on the Falcons after just one week. I never thought they would make the playoffs, but Arthur Smith will get this offense up to par as the season goes along. I think that’s a fairly reasonable expectation, but most power rankings see the Falcons as one of the worst teams in football right now.

Falcons power rankings by outlet

Bleacher Report: 31st

ESPN: 27th

NFL.com: 28th

NBC Sports: 32nd

As much as I would love to bash some of these websites, can you really blame them? Outside of the first two offensive possessions, the Falcons offense was lifeless. They couldn’t block a soul, and Matt Ryan was lucky to exit Mercedes-Benz Stadium in one piece. The defense wasn’t much better, either. They made Jalen Hurts and DeVonta Smith look like they were still at Alabama, and once again, their lack of pass rush reared its ugly head.

The Falcons played an Eagles team that many believed would finish at the bottom of the NFL (L)East, and they didn’t just lose — they were abused physically. It’s the type of loss that can really discourage a team, especially under a new regime trying to build a winning culture. I believe in Arthur Smith, but he’ll have a tough task convincing this team they can hang with the defending Super Bowl champions on the road this weekend, which is why I’m so intrigued to see how the Falcons look on Sunday.


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