Falcons: Greg Olsen & George Kittle tell Pardon My Take that Kyle Pitts should have been the first pick

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Greg Olsen and George Kittle went on Pardon My Take to talk about Kyle Pitts attending their TEU camp, and both had high praise for the young Falcon. Kittle talked about Pitts extensively in an interview with Heavy, and he had similar praise for Pitts on PMT:

“What’s more important is a guy like Kyle Pitts, he’s gonna be really good, but the NFL is faster than college, if he can sit in a room for two days and learn from guys like Olsen, me, Travis Kelce. Marcedes Lewis, Luke Stocker … you got vets in there, you learn a thing or two and it’s gonna take his career on an uphill trajectory”

I’m excited, I’m a Kyle Pitts fan, the dude just scores touchdowns like it’s nothing, it’s crazy. He just always scores two touchdowns a game. I think his athletic ability and his ability on the football field, he’s going to be very talented in Atlanta. I wanted him to go first overall, just to be the first tight end to ever go first. I mean, I get it, but I would have drafted it first.

Olsen and Kittle went on to discuss the structure of Tight End U, and how over 47 current NFL players will be in attendance in Nashville. They emphasized that they want tight ends all over the league to succeed to help raise the contract price on guys who often go unappreciated in the NFL. One thing’s for sure, Falcons fans should be very excited that Pitts will be learning from some of the best players in the entire NFL. That is very valuable for a rookie looking to fill some very big shoes left by Julio Jones.

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