Falcons head coach Arthur Smith takes playful jab at Packers coach Matt LaFleur

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After yesterday’s Falcons practice, Arthur Smith was asked about his on-field style, to which he responded with a witty line about Packers head coach Matt LaFleur.

During the 2018 season, LaFleur was the offensive coordinator in Tennessee while Smith was the tight ends coach. The next season, LaFleur would go on to accept the Green Bay head coaching job, and Smith graduated to become the offensive coordinator. Smith is a former offensive lineman, so inherently, he cares about everything involved with football except for his physical appearance. Jokes aside, these two are still good friends, and it’s just playful banter.

I was always a fan of the old Deion Sanders saying, “you look good, you feel good; you feel good, you play good; you play good, they pay good.” When it is coming out of the mouth of someone as great as Prime, every kid believes it. In reality, the most successful people in this world generally put all of their energy into their work, regardless of the industry. You love to see this kind of persona from your head coach as a Falcons fan.

LaFleur has gone 26-6 in his first two seasons as a head coach, finishing both years in the NFC Championship game. I enjoy the jokes from Smith, but the results are there in Green Bay; now, it is time to see if Smith can replicate his success in Tennessee with the Falcons.

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