Falcons Head Coach Search: Raheem Morris

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In the wake of Dan Quinn being fired, should the Falcons consider Raheem Morris for the permanent position?

The Falcons are 2-6 in a year that we were told would be geared towards winning it all. Two good things that have come out of this bleak and downright embarrassing season: The overdue firing of Dan Quinn and (hopefully) early draft picks. Who will be the next head coach? What do the Falcons need to do between now and then to set up a season that will not disappoint? Throughout this season, I will be taking a look at potential coaches to fill the vacancy left by Quinn.

Raheem Morris

People embraced Morris as the new head coach off the bat. I frequently heard things like, “It is his job to lose, now.” No. If Arthur Blank is dedicated to providing Atlanta with a championship-caliber team, he shouldn’t even offer an interview unless he wins every game from here on out. Here’s Why:

Head Coaching Stats

Morris, ex-head coach of Tampa Bay (2009-2011), had a record of 17-31 going into his first game at the helm for the Falcons. Including the three games with him at Atlanta’s helm, he is 19-32, which is well below .500. Additionally, he has only had one winning season as a head coach which was in 2010 when he went 10-6. This record does not scream Superbowl bound. Most importantly, 10-6 is statistically an anomaly at this point which makes his record even more abysmal. I for one cannot embrace an HC with numbers that are so foreboding.

Career outside of Head Coaching

Morris has held several positions that should have proven him to be a well-rounded head coach. If you look closely at his history, you will see a pattern of coaching defensive backs. NOW look at the starting DBs on our roster. Yes, the names are qualified candidates who should be able to take on most offenses with no problem.  

Dan Quinn Era

Lastly, Morris does not win games as the head coach, and he was also part of the Quinn regime which became a dumpster fire over the years. After firing Quinn, we are nowhere near the solution to the problem. At the end of this season, Arthur Blank needs to fire every coach in the building. After purging the staff, the new head coach should have a hand in selecting his staff and coordinators.

Who do you think should be the next Head Coach? Do you agree or disagree about Morris? Let me know in the comments below.

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  2. MF do you actually hear yourself? He went 10-6 his 1st year wit the TAMPA BAY BUCS after Gruden couldnt even sniff playoffs?? The following year he had to face a matty ice, a Drew Breeze both in their primes and a dominant rookie in cam newton.. Twice! What quarterback did Raheem have? Josh watchumucallit? Exactly you dont remember either.

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