Falcons: How a Deshaun Watson trade to Miami could benefit Atlanta

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s clear that Jack Easterby has crippled the Texans organization and one of the two or three best players in franchise history wants out. Miami is rumored to be Deshaun Watson’s preferred destination, and the Dolphins make sense as trade partners.

Miami is a good team with tons of cap space & draft capital, and while Tua Tagovailoa is still developing — Watson is a major upgrade for almost every NFL Franchise. The Dolphins have robbed the Texans before, and that’s why Houston is partly in the spot they are in. Even though Miami finished 10-6, they missed the playoffs and own the third pick — the pick that was traded to them from those same Texans for Laremy Tunsil.

Now that I’m done breaking down the obvious, how does this have anything to do with Atlanta? Well, if Tua and the third pick are involved in a package sent back to Houston, the Falcons have a TON of trade leverage at the fourth pick.

It’s unclear what the Jets will do, but as I’ve said in my trade down mock draft, Miami holds all of the cards at three. I imagine they would either grab Oregon Tackle Penei Sewell, LSU standout Ja’Marr Chase, or Heisman Trophy Winner Devonta Smith. What I think is more likely is that a Quarterback needy team jumps the Falcons for either Zach Wilson or Justin Fields.

The main point isn’t that Atlanta would miss out on a Quarterback of the future, but if the Quarterbacks are gone — they lose TONS of leverage on the trade market. If Deshaun Watson is sent to Miami, Houston would likely receive Tua Tagovailoa in return. That would take them out of the market for a Quarterback, and they would likely pivot to one of the options I mentioned for Miami above.

I believe they would be eager to try to replace De’Andre Hopkins and scoop Devonta Smith to pair with his old buddy Tua. Is it a possibility that Houston trades down after getting their pick back? Yes. Do I think it’s a lot less likely than Miami trading down? Also yes.

Even if Atlanta does decide to take a Quarterback, it would be much better to have a choice between Justin Fields & Zach Wilson. Adam Schefter reported last night that in his opinion, the Jets will not take a Quarterback. A Watson trade to Miami could present the best of both worlds for the Falcons. Atlanta could either have their choice of any Quarterback not named Lawrence, or they could trade their pick for a King’s Ransom of draft choices — future and present.

Trust me, I’m perfectly okay with either option.

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