Falcons: If Julio Jones is traded, will Kyle Pitts get more looks on the boundary?


Rumors continue to swirl that the Falcons will deal Julio Jones in the coming days, and fans are understandably upset. On this week’s Talkin’ Birdy episode, we got a mailbag question asking if we thought Kyle Pitts could replace Julio Jones‘ production. My answer was simple: there is no replacing the impact and attention that Jones draws on the field, but in the Red Zone, I think Kyle Pitts can easily replace that production. I don’t think Pitts will come anywhere close to the amount of yards that Jones will put up, but he could be used on the boundary in a similar way.

Barring any changes, the Falcons will no longer have that impact X receiver out wide. Calvin Ridley is one of the best #2 receivers in the NFL, but he is more of a route runner rather than a jump ball specialist. Frank Darby shows some promise as a deep threat, but he is still a day three draft choice. Enter Kyle Pitts.

One of the most hyped tight end prospects of all time, Pitts boasts the longest wingspan for a tight end OR receiver in NFL history. On top of posting a blazing 40 time at his pro day, he has one of the more incredible catch radiuses you will ever see. Here’s an example of him bullying Carolina’s first-round pick Jaycee Horn along with some other impressive grabs:


Here’s another example of Pitts working as a slot wing and snagging a ball he has no business catching:

I think there are NFL wide receivers that would have trouble bringing this ball in:

While even becoming half of what Julio Jones is would be a tall order, I think Pitts has the natural gifts and abilities to make it happen. Moving him all around the offense is paramount, and I believe Arthur Smith will shift him wherever to get the best out of him.


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