Falcons impending free agent Cordarrelle Patterson has a message for owner Arthur Blank

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Cordarrelle Patterson is coming off the best season of his career after signing with the Falcons last spring. The do-it-all Patterson reinvented himself within Arthur Smith’s offense and is heading into free agency with the most lucrative deal of his career on the horizon.

However, Patteson hasn’t minced words about where he’d like to sign. He’s been outspoken for months about his desire to stay and potentially retire in Atlanta. Instead of letting his agent handle negotiations, Patterson has a different approach — his shoes.


Patterson posted the cleats on Wednesday that depicts two people with polarizing emotions, with one saying, “Cut the check Mr. Blank,” which comes a week after he wore a pair of cleats in the Falcons Week 18 matchup against the Saints that said, “Why not retire in Atlanta?”


Patterson also noted that another important person wants him to be in Atlanta — his mother. “My mama, she actually wants me to stay here, because it’s only three hours away from the house, and they get to come out to all the home games and stuff like that,” said Patterson. 

Patterson finished the year as the Falcons leading rusher and third-leading receiver. He was also the team’s total touchdown leader. The business side of sports will always hinder some deals from happening, and this situation could certainly unfold in a way that upsets Falcons fans. The money has to be suitable for both sides; don’t expect Terry Fontenot to overpay for Patterson’s services.

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