Falcons: Is this price to move up to #1 worth it?

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The rumor mill is only just beginning. The draft is a little over a month and a half away, and several teams could be moving up to ensure they land one of the top quarterback prospects in the draft. It’s an exciting time for the entire league, and Falcons fans should especially be looking forward to the next seven weeks because they are one of many teams that have been linked to the #1 overall pick.

Nothing is set in stone, but as of now, it looks like the Bears are going to hang onto Justin Fields, making the top pick in the draft available to the highest bidder, and there is no shortage of potential suitors. The Bears are in an incredibly enviable position, and they could receive an incredible haul if they play their cards right.

Reportedly, at least three first-round picks are on the table for the #1 selection in this year’s draft.

If the Bears are looking to only move back a spot or two, they probably won’t be receiving three first-round picks. However, if they are willing to move back much further, like #8 where the Falcons are selecting, three firsts would likely be on the table.

So should the Falcons be interested at that price point?

I’m of the thought process that the best direction for Atlanta’s long-term success is finding a franchise quarterback on a rookie contract. Bringing in a star like Lamar Jackson would be box office, but it would be much more difficult to build around a quarterback making $50+ million a year than a quarterback making a fifth of that.

Of course, the Falcons could always sit on their hands and roll with Desmond Ridder. During his mini-audition last season, he improved every week and showed off excellent intangibles. There’s a chance he’s a starting caliber quarterback in this league, but it’s far too early to come away with that conclusion after just four starts.

If the Falcons aren’t sure about Ridder, their top priority this offseason should be finding a quarterback. Bryce Young is a blue-chip prospect and likely to be the #1 overall pick. His ceiling is incredibly high. If the Falcons are as sold on him as I am, coughing up three first-round picks is a no-brainer.

Photo: Kevin Langley/Icon Sportswire

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