Falcons lose out on Montez Sweat trade to Bears

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Ahead of the NFL trade deadline, the Falcons were rumored to be interested in a Montez Sweat trade; it was even confirmed that Atlanta had offered Washington a third-round pick.

Well, the Bears came to the Commanders with a deal that Martin Mayhew couldn’t refuse. Chicago sent Washington a second-round pick for Sweat, and according to NFL insider Jonathan Jones, they had to compete with Terry Fontenot and the Falcons.

Falcons fans are discouraged by losing out on a Montez Sweat trade, but I’m here to talk you off the ledge.

Fontenot very well could’ve had a conditional second-rounder on the table. Something like a third-round pick that would turn into a second-rounder if Sweat signed an extension to stay in Atlanta, but even then, the Commanders would be foolish to pass on the Bears’ more valuable second-rounder.

Atlanta wasn’t in a position to offer a more enticing second-round pick than what the Commanders accepted. The Bears’ second-rounder is a glorified first-round pick, so Fontenot would’ve had to up the offer to a first-round pick, which was never on the table.

The Falcons could potentially be in a position where they’ll need all of their first-round picks to trade for a quarterback. Desmond Ridder is closer to proving he’s not the guy than the actual long-term answer, which would put Atlanta back in the market this offseason for a signal caller. Whether it’s in the draft or a veteran, a first-round pick is incredibly valuable in those instances.

Even still, Montez Sweat is a 6-8 sack edge defender; that’s not worth a first-round pick or maybe even the Bears’ second-round pick. That kind of draft capital should be reserved for $20+ million pass rushers, not Sweat.

I know Falcons fans are disappointed, but if the value doesn’t make sense, there’s no shame in not making a deal. Sometimes the best ones are the ones that general managers don’t make.

Photographer: Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire


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