Falcons named one of the favorites to land Deshaun Watson

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Usually, I’m not particularly eager to excite the fan base with things I think are highly unlikely to happen, but Vegas seems to think Deshaun Watson playing for Atlanta isn’t as far-fetched as others (like myself) may believe. According to Bet Online’s latest odds, the Falcons have the third-best chance at making a move for the Texans’ star.

Even so, the Falcons still only have a 7/1 shot at being Watson’s next team, and there are nine other organizations with very similar odds, so I would say the chances of him returning home remain slim to none. However, while I don’t think he will be the next quarterback in Atlanta, I do expect him to be moved before the start of the season.

The Houston Texans organization has developed a reputation for mistreating their players, and not consulting Watson regarding their head coaching search appears to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s to no fault of Watson’s, but I’m not sure this is a situation that can be repaired. It might be best for both sides to go their separate ways, which has to be extremely discouraging for any fan that has put their faith in the Texans organization.

Watson deserves a new home. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it will be with the Falcons, but as long as he stays away from the NFC South, I’ll be happy.

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