Falcons Potential Draft Target: Bryce Young

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Current NFL Draft odds have Bryce Young as the favorite to go first overall, but it’s not as conclusive as one might think, especially after C.J. Stroud‘s performance in the College Football Playoff Semifinal. By the time April rolls around, I have a difficult time believing it won’t be Young going #1. If not the Bears, someone will trade up to snag him, which is the only way the Falcons could see Young find his way to Atlanta.

This continues my series of potential first-round targets for the Falcons. If you missed any of the previous editions, follow the links below.

Bryce Young Draft Profile

As far as the history of college football, few have accomplished as much as Bryce Young did in just two years. The only thing that he failed to do was lead Alabama to a National Championship, but it was no fault of his own. Young won the Heisman Trophy two years ago and followed it up with another incredible campaign in 2022, throwing for 32 touchdowns to just five interceptions on a team that lacked many high-quality offensive weapons.

About the only thing NFL teams possibly can knock Young for is his size. He’s listed at 6 feet, which is a lie. If he competes at the NFL Combine, he will come in much shorter than that. Young also weighs about 190 pounds soaking wet. Those are legitimate concerns for teams trying to find their franchise quarterback, but Young makes up for it with everything else.

He has the arm strength to make any throw asked of him, but I wouldn’t call it elite. What is second-to-none is his accuracy at all three levels. Young has pinpoint accuracy that he flashes in tight windows of five-yard throws to 50-yard throws. It’s some of the best that I’ve ever seen at the collegiate level.

Bryce Young’s football IQ and demeanor are also exactly what teams are looking for out of potential franchise quarterbacks. His intangibles are off the charts. He’s a team first player that cares about one thing — winning. Young’s terrific at reading defenses, getting the ball out quickly, and going through his progressions. He very rarely puts the ball in harm’s way, and his playmaking ability to take advantage of shots downfield when the play breaks down is what really makes him special.

About the only thing that teams can question when it comes to Young is whether is size will hold up at the next level over a decade. It’s a fair concern, but smaller quarterbacks have shown they can have success in the NFL in recent years. I just can’t imagine anybody passing up on him with the #1 overall pick, but the Bears already have Justin Fields, which means the pick is likely available. I would have no problem with the Falcons making a blockbuster move up the board to snag Young. It would take a king’s ransom, but he’s the type of player worth mortgaging a ton of future draft capital.

Photographer: Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire

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