Falcons rectify egregious mistake ahead of 2023

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The upcoming season is the most highly anticipated campaign since the new regime took over in Atlanta. The Falcons haven’t had a better roster in Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot’s tenure; many are expecting a playoff appearance.

A lot of the club’s hopes ride on the shoulders of Desmond Ridder. The roster is in a position to compete right now, especially in the weakest division in football. Only time will tell if Ridder proves to be the answer, but the Falcons have already won four months out from the season with a monumentally important decision to rectify a mistake.

According to Arthur Smith on Chris Long‘s podcast, the team won’t be wearing the gradient jerseys this season.

Take it from NFL Fashion Advice or me; they are arguably the worst uniforms in football. And what makes them even more of an abomination is the Falcons’ all-time great throwbacks they sport:

The Dirty Birds boast a universally loved throwback uniform, and at the same time, they own one of the most hated uniforms. It’s two opposite ends of the spectrum and almost unbelievable.

Listen, jerseys are never going to please everyone, but these were a complete dud. Not only should the Falcons burn all of these in a dumpster behind Flowery Branch, but they should also refund all of the poor souls that purchased one.

Thank you Arthur Smith for righting this ship. It’s arguably the most important thing he’s done during his tenure in Atlanta.

Photographer: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire



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