Falcons Report: A Calvin Ridley trade would be complex, but Atlanta could get “a lot” in return

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As the NFL offseason gets warmed up, the trade rumors surrounding Calvin Ridley have yet to cool down.

This is a good thing to hear for Falcons fans, especially coming from Ian Rappoport. Of course, if the Falcons want to hold onto Ridley, they still have the option to move him for what sounds like a decent return. The new contract is a given, as Ridley is playing on a fifth-year option in 2022, no matter what uniform he has on. He would become an unrestricted free agent after that. If the Falcons trade Ridley before June 1st, they wouldn’t owe him any of his $11,116,000 salary for 2022 and could hopefully get a first-round pick in return.

That would be the dream scenario if Ridley truly wants out, and I don’t think a team trading for him would have trouble giving him a new contract. Ridley is still an excellent receiver, and plenty of NFL teams are looking for talent at the position. If Ridley is moved, the Falcons would only have 2021 sixth-round pick, Frank Darby, on the active roster at receiver. With that $11 million available and more draft picks coming in, Atlanta would be able to reload at receiver in the draft or free agency.

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