Falcons Report: Arthur Smith & Terry Fontenot “aligned” with decision regarding the 4th pick

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It was reported earlier this week that Terry Fontenot has eyes for Trey Lance, and that Arthur Smith was not as interested in selecting a quarterback. It seems that now they may have come to a mutual conclusion.

This decision comes at an interesting time, as I reported earlier, theĀ Washington Football Team appears to be willing to pay a massive price for Trey Lance. This report could mean a few things:

1. Atlanta is trying to drive up the price for Lance (which is what I hope)

2. Atlanta is taking Trey Lance

3. Atlanta is (likely) taking Kyle Pitts or Penei Sewell


Either the Falcons want to appear that they are dead set on Lance to increase the cost of the 4th overall pick, which is a smart idea whether they want to draft him or not, or they are staying put at four. If they stay put, we will see if the GM or head coach prevailed in their first substantial decision. Like Chase said earlier — I’m glad I’m not the one making this decision. While I’ll likely be happy with any outcome, this is a tough call to make, and everything is on the line.

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