Falcons reportedly looking hard at quarterbacks in this draft

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Falcons fans went through it yesterday. An original report was put out suggesting there was significant traction between the Falcons and Ravens regarding a trade for Lamar Jackson. However, a couple of hours later, that report was refuted by several NFL insiders, who said the Falcons had no interest in pursuing the former MVP.

Judging by the amount of quarterback-needy teams that said they will not be attempting to sign Jackson just minutes after it was announced the Ravens placed the non-exclusive rights franchise tag on him, there’s no doubt in my mind foul play is involved from the owners around the league. The fully guaranteed contract the Browns gave Deshaun Watson pissed a lot of people with power off, and they would rather ensure that precedent is not set again, even if it means their franchise is worse off because of it.

It’s messed up, honestly, but it’s the nature of the NFL. These are power hungry people that care more about control than winning, but that’s another story for another day.

They could stick it out with Desmond Ridder and sign a veteran to compete with him in the preseason, hoping Ridder wins the job. Or they can make a move for the quarterback they desire in the draft.

I’m not against either option, but the Falcons would be foolish not to do their due diligence on every QB available this draft cycle. And if they find one they believe could be the leader of the franchise for the next decade or longer, they would be even more dim-witted not to do everything in their power to select him.

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem as if that’s the case. Rich Eisen recently said on his show, “Falcons are grinding tape on quarterbacks.”

If you watch the clip, Eisen also says there is “zero buzz” when it comes to Desmond Ridder.

This offseason is already off to a helluva start, and it’s only going to get crazier over the next couple of months. Expect a whirlwind of rumors, but if I had to guess, the Falcons find their next quarterback in the draft at the end of April. There are so many high upside QB prospects in this cycle. Even if they have to move up to do so, I’m expecting them not to hesitate if the opportunity arises.

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