Falcons rookie PFF rankings leave a lot to be desired

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Pro Football Focus has come up with a new wins above replacement method (PFF WAR), and with it, they recently graded the top rookie classes of 2019. Unsurprisingly, the Falcons rookies didn’t provide too much, but that’s what happens when your first pick hits Injured Reserve after Week 1.

The article, which is featured on ESPN+ (subscription required to view), does recognize Lindstrom’s play positively when he returned from injury. However, PFF isn’t too fond of the other Falcons’ first-round pick, saying, “Kaleb McGary led all right tackles in sacks allowed (13) and hits allowed (13).” Because of this and sub-par play from the rest of the group, Atlanta ranked 29th out of 32 possible teams in rookie wins above replacement.

Of the entire class, John Cominsky finished with the highest grade (81.2). That’s pretty exciting until you realize he only played in 100 snaps. We will see how Cominsky handles the increased role he’s bound to take over with so much of the Falcons defensive line set to depart in free agency.

When you are in a position like the Falcons are seemingly every offseason – cash strapped and unable to target top free agents – the draft is the only way to maintain success. And when looking at Atlanta’s last three rookie classes, you realize the problems go much deeper than just coaching.


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