Falcons: Should Atlanta consider Cam Newton as a backup quarterback?

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I know, coming from me — this is a lot. I love laughing in the faces of people who firmly assert that Cam Newton is better than Matt Ryan, because objectively, you’re just wrong. However, in the wake of Matt Schaub’s retirement, could Newton come in to fill the backup quarterback role behind Ryan?

Newton had a pretty bad season with New England, and it is apparent injuries have messed with his mechanics to a degree. There’s still some belief that the Patriots will bring him back for one more season, but I’m not sure if I buy it. If New England is out, I simply don’t see anyone else giving Newton a shot as a starter. This isn’t the hater in me saying this, but Cam may be better off retiring. I think he’s still servicable as a backup, but it’s clear his body is starting to give up on him. We saw a LOT of this from Newton in 2020:

However, you cannot deny his god-given size and ability with his legs. I think for the right price, if the Falcons don’t draft a quarterback, it may be worth bringing Newton back to Georgia as an insurance policy for Matt Ryan. Ryan has been an iron man throughout his career, but even if he isn’t injured, Newton could serve as a goal line gadget quarterback for Arthur Smith. I do have to admit it would be very annoying for the uneducated fan to be begging for Cam after every Matt incompletion. The money has to be right, but with a thin quarterback market featuring guys like Mitch Trubisky, CJ Beathard, and Tyrod Taylor, I could be okay with rolling the dice on Cam.

Photo: Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire

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