Falcons special teams coordinator addresses onside kick blunder against the Cowboys

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This is a man I have been waiting to hear from since the Falcons blew a 20-point lead to the Cowboys last Sunday — a game that included a critical blunder on an onside kick that led to the game-winning field goal for Dallas.


As you can see in the video, about four or five Falcons sat and watched the ball slowly pass the 10-yard marker before attempting to pounce on it. The problem is… they don’t have to do that. At any point, one of the Falcons could have jumped on the football, ending the game and sending Atlanta home 1-1. Instead, they let the ball roll until the Cowboys could recover it, and the rest is history. Such a boneheaded play left the entire fan base, including Falcons’ owner Arthur Blank, wonder whether the players even knew the rules.

Atlanta’s special teams coordinator, Ben Kotwica, answered those questions today, stating that he reiterated to the players just before the onside kick to attack the ball.


At the end of the day, Kotwica puts the blame on himself. However, if what he said was true, it’s really on the players to make the play.

But one of the most puzzling comments Kotwica made was about the onside kick itself, stating it was one of the best he’s ever seen.

I’ll agree; the onside kick was unique, but that doesn’t mean it was good. Frankly, it was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. The Falcons had a full three seconds to jump on a ball that was moving at about two feet per second. There was nothing good about it; it just forced the players to think, which they were unable to do in the moment.

At this point, it is what it is. Yes, it was an inexcusable miscue, but the Falcons have to move on. The rest of the season is still in front of them, and it’s possible that with a win this week, they could find themselves atop the NFC South.

Photo: Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire

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