Falcons: Stop blaming Matt Ryan

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Time and time again, every week, we see FORMER MVP Matt Ryan blasted by fans and sometimes even media members for the team’s woes. I am beyond sick of it.

I wasn’t going to write this because it’s almost like beating a dead horse at this point. If you still believe Matt Ryan is part of the problem and not the solution, there’s no convincing you – and you probably hate Christmas too. But then somebody on my timeline had the audacity to say, “Trade Matt Ryan to the Panthers for Cam Newton,” which might not even be the craziest thing I saw written about him this week, so I have to go to bat for this man.

The pure ignorance of some people out there is mind-blowing. Ryan is seemingly one of the few members of this organization that actually cares, even at 1-6. He sprained his ankle in the fourth quarter of the Falcons blowout loss to the Rams, and he’s already back in the pool working to be back for Atlanta’s matchup with Seattle this Sunday. Very little of the team’s struggles are on him – if any. He doesn’t have a defense:


Passing Yards Allowed: 29th

Points Allowed: Dead Last

First Downs Allowed: 30th

Plays of 20 + Yards: 29th

Sacks: Dead Last

Interceptions: 30th

First Down %: 29th


Inexcusable for a team with a “defensive-minded” head coach. On top of that, this “revamped” offensive line has been getting bulldozed. Here are some numbers for their efforts:


Rushing YPG: 27th

Average Yards Per Carry: 26th

QB Hits: 29th

Plays of 10+ Yards: 22nd

1st Downs: 28th

Sacks Allowed: 20th

League Experience: 6th




And finally, these are Matt Ryan’s numbers through seven weeks:


Completions: 1st (by 19)

Completion %: 2nd 

Yards: 2nd (10 behind 1st)

Yards Per game: 2nd (1.0 behind 1st)

Touchdowns: 1st

Throws of 20 + Yards: 8th (Very Difficult with no Pass Protection)

Times Sacked: 19 (Tied for 5th)


Say it with me: MATT. RYAN. IS. NOT. THE. PROBLEM. He doesn’t play defensive end. He doesn’t cover wide receivers. He doesn’t block for himself. I don’t understand how you can watch this team and think he’s the issue. I guess the people who are saying this don’t watch the games.

Shoutout to a former Falcons radio guy (who will remain unnamed), who suggested the Falcons should trade Ryan and tank for Tua. That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Tua has been shelved for most of his college career and is undersized, joining a team with a line that can’t block and a defense that can’t stop anyone. That’s brilliant.

In Atlanta’s four-game losing streak before falling to Los Angeles, Ryan completed 75% of his passes, threw for 347 yards per game, 10 TDs, 2 INTs, and a 113.2 QBR. THOSE ALL RANKED FIRST IN THE NFL.

There have only been three QBs to start their first six games with 300+ passing yards. Steve Young, Kurt Warner, and Matt Ryan. Young went 5-1, Warner went 6-0, Ryan went 1-5. These numbers are pretty similar to his MVP season. I cannot even fathom how ignorant one has to be to want to get rid of a franchise QB when he’s kept this thing from being far worse than it is.

To suggest Matt Ryan is the problem, is next to braindead. You mine as well cheer for another team. I’m sticking up for my quarterback, and it’s nice to see some other fans do so as well. I have full faith that if this team drafts well for the first time in ages, brings in the right coach, starts opening up the offense and establishing the run, Matt Ryan can lead the Falcons back to the Super Bowl. If he was on the Bears, they’re probably undefeated. If he’s on the Ravens instead of Flacco in that ’08 Draft, they probably have three Super Bowls by now. Ryan isn’t just the best QB in Falcons’ history. He’s one of the best of all-time, and he’s yet to show any regression. Stop making him the scapegoat for poor coaching, defense, and O-Line play. He can only do so much.

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