Falcons: Trading Alex Mack is critical for the future

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As much as I love Javon Alexander Mack, he deserves a shot with a contender. Moving him before the deadline makes way too much sense, and since the first significant NFL trade domino has fallen — the sooner it happens, the better.

Alex Mack is one of the best free-agent signings in team history. In 2016, he inked a 5-year,$45 million contract to come to Atlanta. Mack’s addition was integral to the Falcons making a jump to the Super Bowl, and he has made two Pro Bowls. The 12-year vet has yet to miss a start for the Falcons, but he’s now 34 and in the last year of his contract. Atlanta has also already drafted his heir apparent in Matt Hennessy. Being that he is a free-agent at the end of the year and is still a talented player, this has nothing to do with his cap hit. This is all about what the Falcons might be able to get in return for his services.

Trading Mack would sting badly; he’s a ring of honor member, in my opinion. However, one of the greatest Falcons to wear the red & black during the Quinn era will likely retire or sign a short pact with a winning team. There’s no sense in hanging onto him in a lost season like the team did with Austin Hooper and Devonta Freeman. If you can get a Day 2 pick for Mack and send him to a playoff team, it has to be done, and I’ll wish him the best of luck. It would be a win for both sides. There are a lot of pieces on this team that make sense to move in a deal, but with Mack’s expiring contract and overall value, this is one that MUST get done.

It will be interesting to see how the Falcons approach the trade deadline without Thomas Dimitroff. Hopefully, they make the right decisions and pick up as many draft selections as possible.

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