Falcons unveil new uniforms six days early thanks to yesterday’s leaks

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I’ve honestly had no problem with the Falcons’ look for the last 17 years. I enjoy the throwbacks on occasion, especially the black uniforms with the red or black helmets, but there are far worse options around the NFL. However, in the world we live in today, change is necessary to keep the fans on their toes, and the Falcons have finally decided to alter their look permanently. The original date to release the fits was set for April 14th after this video the Falcons posted yesterday. 

The organization had done a tremendous job keeping the uniforms under wraps, but finally someone found a picture and released it to the Twittersphere yesterday, causing the organization to unveil their new look six days earlier than anicipated.



There are some things I like, and things I don’t like. My hope is the team decides to stick with the all white and all black combinations as their primary uniforms. Mixing and matching them doesn’t look too good, especialy when the red is involved. The helmet is an upgrade, but I could also do without the attempt to make the numbers 3D. Of course, when something is new, it is always going to take some getting used to. Overall, I would say it is a slight downgrade.

What are you thoughts about the new uniforms?


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