Falcons walk back controversial tweet aimed at Ohio State kicker

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About 12 hours after Georgia beat Ohio State in the College Football Playoff semifinal in Mercedes Benz Stadium, the Falcons topped the Cardinals. The Buckeyes ended up missing a game-winning field goal, while Atlanta punched a go-ahead kick through the uprights for the win. However, the official team Twitter account made a not-so-appropriate joke at the expense of Buckeyes kicker Noah Ruggles.

The team tweeted, “this is how you make a game-winning field goal at @MBStadium,” in an apparent shot at Ruggles and Ohio State in support of the hometown Bulldogs. Unsurprisingly, the tweet was met with outrage, forcing the social media account to delete the original post. In my opinion, it was a very mild joke but coming from the team’s official account… it was utterly unacceptable.

What’s more embarrassing, in my opinion, is the Falcons’ social media staff’s lack of self-awareness. Guys and girls, Atlanta is 6-10 and could easily finish the season 6-11. And that same franchise is taking jabs at a collegiate player of one of the most prestigious sports programs on one of the biggest stages? To add on, Ruggle’s attempt was from 50 yards out… Koo’s was more than half of that.

The Falcons deleted the post on Monday, but the internet is forever. The NFL’s social media accounts have infamous reputations as being terribly out of touch, and this is just the latest example. The Falcons are a laughable franchise and trying to take a jab at a college senior for missing the biggest kick of his life is pretty pathetic. I’m sure someone was chewed out for posting that.

Photographer: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire
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