Falcons: Weeks 7 & 8 will likely tell fans how the rest of the season is going to go

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The Atlanta Falcons are coming off of a very early BYE week, but their upcoming schedule provides some hope.

They should be going into their next game against the Dolphins feeling very confident.

The Dolphins just lost to the previously 20-game in a row losers in the Jacksonville Jaguars, albeit the game was in London. Still, Miami hasn’t played like the playoff hopeful that they looked like before the season began. If you remember, the Dolphins and Falcons had joint practices before their preseason games, so these two have seen each other recently. This is a game that both teams are going to feel like they HAVE to win to keep their season alive.

After that, the Falcons will take on the skidding Carolina Panthers. Sam Darnold looked like a potential franchise quarterback to start the season, but the Panthers have hit a rough patch recently. After beating the Texans, Jets, and Saints — Carolina has fallen to the Vikings, Eagles, and Cowboys. The Panthers will also be without their best player:

I don’t root for injuries, but McCaffrey being out is huge for the Falcons. If they can play their best against both of these very beatable opponents, Atlanta could be 4-3 before a huge matchup with the New Orleans Saints. If they don’t, we could see the Falcons make some moves at the trade deadline as they look towards the future.

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