FanGraphs now has the Braves with better odds to win the World Series than the Mets

NL East

Mets fans don’t want to admit it, but they’ve seen this story before. The kings of the NL East have arrived, cutting the Mets lead in the division to just five games over their 12-game win streak. Admittedly, New York has played tremendous baseball all season, but injuries are beginning to pile up. They look as vulnerable as ever, while the Braves — even if it has been against lackluster competition — appear unstoppable.

The folks over at FanGraphs are beginning to catch on as well. They now give the Braves a 33.6% chance of winning the division, which is over double what it was a couple of weeks ago, and a healthy 83.1% chance to make the postseason in general. However, what caught my eye was the Braves odds at winning the World Series. FanGraphs gives them an 10.9% chance to repeat, which is ahead of the Mets, who are at 10.4%. Only the Dodgers, Yankees, and Astros have a better chance at taking home the Commissioner’s trophy than the Braves, and all of those teams are currently sitting in first place of their respective divisions.

As a Braves fan, it’s hard not to be excited. It doesn’t matter who they are playing, reeling off 12 straight wins is incredibly impressive, and it’s not out of the question that this streak continues for another week. The Braves play five more games against the Nationals and Cubs this week — two of the worst teams in baseball. If that happens, eyeing first place in the division before June ends might not even be out of the question. Who would have thought we would be saying that two weeks ago?

Photo: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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