Former Falcons GM admits there were pre-draft concerns with Vic Beasley

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Vic Beasley is one of the most interesting figures in Falcons franchise history. Drafted with the 8th overall pick in 2015, there was hope that this Greek God looking figure would be the answer to the team’s prolonged pass rushing woes. As a rookie, Beasley was so-so, recording 4.5 sacks, but he broke out as a sophomore, recording 15.5 sacks and six forced fumbles on his way to first team All-Pro honors. The prayers of Falcons fans had finally been answered. They had found a premier pass rusher… but Beasley never lived up to the hype and eventually found himself out of the league altogether just a few years later.

At the end of the day, the defensive end out of Clemson was far from the worst pick in the draft. He finished up his Falcons career with 37.5 sacks in just five seasons. That’s damn good, but it was the way Beasley carried himself after underwhelming performances that left a sour taste in the mouths of many. It never seemed like he really cared about the game or the team, but most of that was just speculation… until now.

Since being fired by the Falcons, former GM Thomas Dimitroff has made his rounds in the media, and he hasn’t been shy about what really happened behind the scenes. In his latest interview with 92.9 The Game, he admitted there were concerns about Beasley’s love for the game before the draft. However, the Falcons foolishly ignored those red flags in hopes they could fix that problem.

There’s no question Vic Beasley’s lack of passion was his downfall, and it’s shocking to hear Dimitroff admit they knew about these concerns prior to drafting him. Loving the game is probably the single most important aspect related to player success. There are not many guys that can succeed at the professional level if they are not 100% committed, and it’s almost impossible to change a young man’s mind after handing him $30 million.

This brings us to the present and a certain prospect that is drawing similar red flags. The off-the-field concerns are one thing when it comes to Jalen Carter. I think most teams are willing to overlook those, but what could deter many organizations from drafting the Georgia Bulldog are rumors about his desire to give 100% to the game. Carter is a freak of nature, but if he doesn’t truly love football, he will never reach his full potential. Knowing the Falcons have made that mistake recently, it’s hard to imagine them taking a similar risk in the top 10 again, even if the same guys aren’t in the building.

Photo: Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire

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