Grading the Braves trade deadline acquisitions

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Unlike last season, the Braves didn’t have to give their team an entire makeover at the trade deadline, but some pieces were needed, and Alex Anthopoulos made some subtle moves to bolster the roster. Right after the deadline, I gave my way too early grades for the moves. Of course, we won’t really know who won these trades for a few years, but since the regular season is now complete, I thought it was a good time to revise my grades and see how I did.

Braves acquire Ehire Adrianza for Trey Harris

Original Grade: D-

New Grade: N/A

Trey Harris will likely never reach the majors, so the Braves gave up nothing to acquire Ehire Adrianza. The only reason I graded the move so poorly is because I thought Anthopoulos could have filled the final roster spot on the team better. Adrianza has done next to nothing since returning to Atlanta and likely won’t make the playoff roster, so I can’t even really grade this move.

Braves acquire Robbie Grossman for Kris Anglin

Original Grade: C

New Grade: B

Anglin’s another guy that’s a long shot to ever make the majors, and even if he does, it won’t be for quite some time, so the Braves essentially gave up nothing in this deal. The acquisition of Grossman didn’t really move me. He was likely going to be DFA’d by Detroit if they didn’t find a trade partner, but he’s had some pleasantly surprising moments with the Braves. I don’t think he’s a starting-caliber player and hope I don’t see him play much in the postseason, but considering what the Braves gave up for him, this was a good trade.

Braves acquire Jake Odorizzi for Will Smith

Original Grade: A+

New Grade: F

Oh boy, did I whiff on this one. Originally, I was shocked the Braves were able to get anything for Will Smith, so I was happy they landed what I thought was a solid innings eater. Odorizzi has been abysmal for the Braves, which I wouldn’t necessarily care that much about if he didn’t have a $12.5 million player option for next season. He will surely pick that up, and I don’t know what the Braves will even do with him. Odorizzi doesn’t have a long-term place on this roster, so most likely, the Braves will just eat the cash, which is just an incredible misuse of money by Alex Anthopoulos.

Braves acquire Raisel Iglesias for Jesse Chavez and Tucker Davidson

Original Grade: B

New Grade: A+

Anthopoulos may have had a major gaffe by acquiring Jake Odorizzi, but he more than made up for it by trading for Raisel Iglesias. I like Davidson, but he’s had a rough go of it in the majors thus far. Eventually, I expect him to figure things out, but he’s unlikely to be a frontline guy and could even be moved to a relief role. Chavez was the other part of this deal, and we all know how that ended. He pitched terribly for the Angels, leading to his release, only to be picked back up by the Braves and perform marvelously. I think a movie could be made about the events of Chavez’s 2022 campaign.

Like Chavez, Iglesias’ move to Atlanta did him wonders. He’s been the best reliever in baseball since the trade deadline, pitching to the tune of a 0.34 ERA over 26.1 innings for the Braves. Iglesias has a big contract, scheduled to earn $48 million over the next three seasons, but he will be the closer next year. And if he continues to perform anything like this, he’ll be a bargain.

Photographer: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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