Hall of Fame running back says Bijan Robinson landed in perfect situation

NFL: AUG 04 Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

I have been outspoken about my thoughts on Bijan Robinson. I believe he’s already the face of the Falcons franchise and will soon establish himself as the best running back in the league.

Regardless of who you ask, the Texas product is among the most talented running backs to come out of college in years. Robinson is elite in all facets.

He’s an elusive back who can also dish out punishing blows, constantly breaking tackles and falling forward after contact, but he’s elusive and displays elite vision and burst, rarely losing momentum in and out of cuts. The combination of balance, power, and elusiveness is rivaled by few.

Robinson is a big play waiting to happen. He was responsible for 45 plays of 20+ yard gains in his career at Texas, including eight carries of 50+ yards. But it’s not just in the running game, he’s also a fantastic receiver, capable of running the entire running back route tree and then some. 14 of those 45 explosive plays were through the air. He’s better described as an offensive weapon than a running back.

Some have compared Robinson to Marshal Faulk, and though those are lofty comparisons, given Faulk’s Hall of Fame status, I don’t think it’s egregious. However, Robinson is a more powerful runner than Faulk. LaDainian Tomlinson is a better comp, and the Hall of Fame Charger has sung Robinson’s praises and the Falcons selection.

“The perfect place that’s going to be able to utilize his talent,” said Tomlinson. “I expect Bijan to come out of the gate right away and challenge to be the top running back in the league.”

There are only a few coaches with a more diverse and effective run game than Arthur Smith. Bijan Robinson is going to be an impact player immediately. Tomlinson elaborates on this.

“What he does so well is he creates advantages,” Tomlinson said. “Running the football is a numbers game. You split the defense down the middle, you count both sides, the right side and the left side, you try to get the advantage and through motion, you can get the advantage, shifts, different things that you do to create the advantage, and then you attack that weakness. He does that well.”

LT (not the original) was the only running back to win an MVP in the last 20 years, and it’s not crazy to say Bijan Robinson could challenge for one of his own before his time in Atlanta is over.

Photographer: Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire

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