Hawks “engaged” with Rockets in trade talks involving Clint Capela

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Woj dropped some big news on us during the Super Bowl involving some potential trade scenarios:

We’ve mentioned this as a possibility, and it seems now that Houston is seriously considering parting ways with Capela. We know Daryl Morey isn’t new to making blockbuster deals. Capela is on a reasonable below-market contract ($14m in 2019-2020, $16m in 2020-2021, $17m in 2021-2022, $18m in 2022-2023) and is averaging about 14 points on 63% shooting and 14 rebounds while providing elite rim protection. He is only 25 years old.

Capela doesn’t come without his warts. His 52% FT is…. unappealing. It almost guarantees you can’t rely on him to hit free throws in the clutch. He does little to nothing in terms of stretching the floor. However, the Hawks have been missing a strong defensive anchor and rebounding presence, which is what Capela does best. Bringing him in would immediately mask a lot of Atlanta’s defensive deficiencies.

It will be interesting to see how other teams could factor into this deal. The Hawks don’t have a lot of pieces that would be appealing to a competing team. However, sending assets to a bad team with an established wing or floor-spacing big to then flip to Houston could make this work.

We’ll keep you posted on any Hawks developments as the trade deadline approaches.

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