Hawks: Executives believe De’Andre Hunter will command $12-15 million on the open market

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If it weren’t already obvious after the Hawks’ lackluster performance this season, Travis Schlenk has confirmed major changes are coming this offseason. Expect Atlanta to be aggressive in their pursuit of a second All-Star to pair with Trae Young, and the work doesn’t stop there. This team needs to make a lot of changes if they want to contend for championships, but the good thing is they do have the pieces in place to turn things around in just one offseason.

One of the many decisions Schlenk will have to make this summer surrounds De’Andre Hunter. The wing out of Virginia didn’t have the breakout campaign this past season that many were expecting and is up for extension this offseason. I’m not sure the Hawks will be willing to take a gamble on his development, which means he would be a free agent at the end of next season, if he even makes it that far. Hunter very well could be one of the pieces the Hawks part ways with, especially if Schlenk decides he has no interest in extending him.

But if the Hawks do offer Hunter an extension, executives around the league have reportedly placed a value on him at around $12-15 million.

Despite an unbelievable performance in an elimination Game 5, Hunter was incredibly disappointing this season. If anything, his offensive game took a step back, and his defense was nothing to write home about either.

Still, $12-15 million in today’s NBA is more than reasonable for a player of Hunter’s caliber. Kevin Huerter is set to begin a four-year, $70 million contract next season that he signed last offseason. If the Hawks could somehow sign Hunter for a deal in the four-year, $50 million range, nobody should be complaining.

With that being said, I don’t believe what other executives are saying for a second. If Hunter doesn’t get an offer for $15+ million this offseason, he will most likely bet on himself and test the market next summer.


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