Hawks expected to “aggressively” pursue Davis Bertans this offseason

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The Hawks are in an ideal situation this offseason. While most teams will be struggling to stay under the cap, Atlanta will have the most money of any team in the NBA to spend. Unfortunately, this free-agent class is weaker than most years, but there are still several players that could help the Hawks make a push towards the postseason in 2021.

Among the better options is the underrated Davis Bertans — a 6’10” sniper that shot 42.4% from three for the Washington Wizards last year. The Hawks were rumored to have interest in him at the trade deadline this past season; however, Washington ended up holding onto him. Now, Atlanta is reportedly planning to aggressively pursue the power forward in free agency.

But as you can see in the tweet, the Hawks aren’t the only team interested in adding Bertans.

When free-agent classes are weak, it often creates bidding wars for players that wouldn’t normally be as coveted, leading to bad contracts. Bertans would be a fantastic add — most likely serving as a sixth man of sorts — making Atlanta’s bench much more formidable. However, it’s imperative that the Hawks do not overpay. I’m sure they would like to keep money available for next year’s free-agent class, which features loads of superstars that they could pair with Trae Young and John Collins.


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