Hawks finally deal John Collins in trade with Jazz

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After several years of trade rumors, the Hawks have finally moved John Collins in a trade with the Jazz. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the deal is Collins for Rudy Gay and a future second-rounder in a cost-cutting move.

To me, this is bad business. The Hawks are under a new regime, with Quin Snyder leading the coaching staff and Landry Fields leading the front office. So, I assume they want a fresh slate to construct the roster as they see fit.

I can respect that, but with that being said, JC’s trade value has never been lower. We were talking a couple of years ago about a John Collins swap with Lauri Markkanen; now, we get a 36-year-old Rudy Gay and a measly second-rounder.

I would’ve loved to see Collins revive his career under Snyder, but it seems the new head coach doesn’t see a role for the versatile big man in Atlanta.

As Woj also states, “The Hawks are expected to continue to be in a deal-making mode this offseason and ownership has given GM Landry Fields the OK to move into the luxury tax should it be necessary to improve the roster, sources said.”

That’s a bit different than what Brian Windhorst reported on draft night, who said the Hawks had a mandate to get underneath the tax threshold. I don’t know what to believe. Tony Ressler has been wishy-washy since taking over — saying one thing and doing another. I won’t believe it until I see it.

As recent as last offseason, the Hawks ‘went all in’ to acquire Dejounte Murray then turned around and traded away Kevin Huerter to get under the luxury tax. It’s mindboggling what’s going on inside the club’s front office.

I like the financial freedom moving Collins’ deal off the books brings, but it’s a shame what used to be a fringe All-Star, 20 and 10 guy is now being moved for pennies on the dollar. We’ll see what the rest of the offseason has in store for the Hawks.


Photographer: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire

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