Hawks ownership is financially handicapping Quin Snyder

NBA: APR 04 Hawks at Bulls

The Atlanta Hawks haven’t done much to give fans confidence in the direction of the franchise. Prior to the hire of Quin Snyder, it’s been consistent missteps, and it all lands at the feet of owner Tony Ressler.

He’s the sole reason Travis Schlenk stepped down. He gave his son a prominent front office presence despite possessing little to no experience in that area, prompting the trade for Dejounte Murray against Schlenk’s wishes.

I didn’t hate the deal to acquire the All-Star point guard, but what gets my blood boiling is the one-foot-in, one-foot-out approach to running the club. Ressler says he wants to win and was willing to spend to bring a championship to Atlanta; however, everything he’s done says the opposite is true.

Ressler is on record stating the luxury tax doesn’t scare him but forced a trade of Kevin Huerter in a cost cutting move that actively made the club worse in the same offseason it acquired Murray in the blockbuster deal. Moreover, this offseason has been embroiled in trade rumors with one goal in mind — shedding salary.

It’s been speculated that Atlanta seeks to be under the luxury tax threshold, but there were no concrete reports… until now. According to Brian Windhorst via Brad Rowland, the Hawks are under a mandate to get out of the luxury tax.

Why Quin Snyder would accept this job is beyond me. Working for someone like Ressler seems impossible if your goal is to have success. Fans shouldn’t give this franchise anymore of their money, time, and emotions because the Resslers aren’t committed at a level that warrants our support.

The Hawks are an unserious franchise, and though I have faith in Quin Snyder, I have absolutely no trust in any club owned by Tony Ressler.

Photographer: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire



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