Hawks could have interest in KCP & Derrick Jones Jr.

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Shams dropped a huge bomb regarding Anthony Davis and his future with the Lakers, but there were also some free agency nuggets involving the Hawks included in his latest piece for The Athletic.


According to Shams, the Hawks could be interested in Lakers shooting guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Heat shooting guard/small forward Derrick Jones Jr.

KCP is coming off of a championship with the Lakers, and I could see him pulling a Todd Gurley and leaving LA to come back to his home state. He’s one of the best basketball players in UGA history, so he’d be a welcome addition to the city of Atlanta. Caldwell-Pope is coming off of an $8.5 million deal, but with some new jewelry on his hand, he could be seeking a payday. He averaged roughly 9/2/2 in 2020, down from his career average of 11/3/2. Personally, I’m not too interested, but it wouldn’t be a terrible move for the right price.

Derrick Jones Jr. is interesting. Known mostly for his gravity defying dunks, he is also no slouch on the floor. The former UDFA didn’t have an impact in the playoffs due to injury, but he averaged about 9/4/1 in 23 minutes per game. His 3P% isn’t very appealing at 28%, but I think he could be a valuable piece of the second unit on a reasonable contract.

It’s clear the Hawks need to beef up their bench, and that could be their top priority this offseason, considering how weak this year’s free agency class is.

Photo: Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire

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