Hawks: It appears that Bogdan Bogdanović will continue to play against the Bucks

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Once Bogdan Bogdanović got healthy in the second half of the season, he became the most reliable offensive threat on the Hawks that isn’t named Trae Young. He nearly finished with a rare 50/40/90 season, as he shot 47.3% from the field, 43.8% from behind the arc, and 90.9% from the free-throw line while setting a career-high in scoring at 16.4 points per game. That’s why you know something isn’t quite right when he shoots the ball the way he has been since suffering a knee injury in Game 6 against Philadelphia.

In the last two games, Bogdanović only has eight points on 3/14 shooting, including an 0/6 mark from three. He also hasn’t been nearly as effective as a playmaker or defender. It’s obvious he’s not 100%, but the Hawks need whatever he can give them, and it doesn’t look like Bogdanović has any plans of sitting out for the remainder of the series. When asked about Bogi’s situation after the game, coach Nate McMillan gave this response:

Sarah K. Spencer then followed up with Bogdanović regarding his injury today, and he seemed to echo the same feelings as his coach.

Hopefully, one of two things happens: Bogdanović’s knee either continues to get better over the series, or he continues to learn how to play with the pain enough and becomes more productive. Right now, he isn’t giving the Hawks much of anything. They desperately need Bogdanović out there to win this series, but that’s only if he can be the player that he was in the second half of the season and through most of these playoffs.

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