Hawks: John Collins believes he and Trae Young are the NBA’s best young duo

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Now that the Hawks season is officially over, they had their exit interviews with the media via zoom, attempting to provide fans with some hope after what many would call an extremely disappointing 2019-2020 season. It all started with a 25-game suspension to their second-best player, John Collins. By the time he returned, the team had already dug themselves into too big of a hole to climb out of, finishing with the fourth-worst record in the league before the season came to an abrupt halt because of the coronavirus. However, there were some positive takeaways from an otherwise forgetful 2019-2020 campaign, like the budding superstar duo of Trae Young and John Collins.

Young went on to be named an All-Star starter in the East, finishing with the fourth-most PPG in the league and second-most APG. Collins likely would have been right there with him in the All-Star game had he not been suspended for 25 games. When he returned, he was among the most efficient players in the history of the league, averaging 21.6 points on 58.3% shooting and 40.1% from behind the arc while also collecting over ten rebounds per contest — not too shabby when you consider it was over a healthy 41-game sample size. Because of this, Collins didn’t hold back in his exit interviews, stating he believes he and Trae Young are the best young duo in the NBA, and that he will be an All-Star next season.

The two combined for a ridiculous 51.2 points, 10.8 assists, and 14.4 rebounds per game. However, nobody is going to take them seriously until wins start coming along with those numbers. That could change next year. With a full year of Trae Young and John Collins on the floor together, Cam Reddish and De’Andre Hunter taking a step forward in year two, the additions of Clint Capela, free agents, and another top-eight selection, the Hawks are primed to become playoff contenders next season. If that happens, Young and Collins won’t just be regarded as the best young duo NBA, but one of the better ones overall.

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