Hawks: Nate McMillan fined $25k by the NBA for “detrimental public comments”

Nate McMillan

Nate McMillan has been handed a fine from Adam Silver for his comments about Atlanta’s upcoming playoff series with the New York Knicks

Personally, I don’t think Coach McMillan was off-base with these comments. The Knicks haven’t been good in a long time, and if you love conspiracy theories like me, I’m sure you’ve heard of the one about the 1985 draft lottery when David Stern appeared to know which card belonged to the Knicks. They would go on to select Patrick Ewing.

Regardless, I don’t think McMillan said anything wrong — big markets run the NBA; you don’t have to be some expert to know that. You could perhaps infer he was suggesting the games would be fixed, but I think that’s a big stretch. Nobody believes in the Hawks, especially the national media. It’s ridiculous McMillan was fined in my opinion, but maybe it will light another fire under a Hawks team that has been disrespected all season.

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