Hawks Report: Cam Reddish wanted out of Atlanta months ago

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Much to the chagrin of the Hawks faithful, Cam Reddish was dealt to the Knicks on Thursday for a protected first-round pick and Kevin Knox. The immediate reaction was, why? Well, it appears we have an answer.

A recent piece by Fred Katz and Chris Kirschner of The Athletic reveals that this is what Reddish has wanted all along. 

This is what Reddish has been awaiting. It was an open secret in Atlanta that he wanted to go elsewhere, according to sources, because there wasn’t a path for him to become the player he thinks he can be — which meant the road to a lucrative contract extension, for which he is eligible after this season, wasn’t going to be there.

Later in the piece, they report that Reddish made it clear months ago that he no longer wanted to be with the team, leading to an uncomfortable locker room dynamic.

Reddish didn’t want to be with the team anymore. He requested out several months ago, sources say, and most players knew he didn’t want to be there, which led to awkwardness inside the locker room.

It’s not what Hawks fans want to hear, but this is a situation that has been brewing for quite a while. Reddish saw the writing on the wall in Atlanta; he was never going to get the role he desired on the Hawks, so he requested out. Once that occurred, it was only a matter of time before Travis Schlenk found him a new home.

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