Hawks Report: It will take a “monstrous” offer to pry Donovan Mitchell away from the Jazz

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Turmoil might not do what’s going on with the Jazz justice. It is total chaos out in Utah, and like Atlanta, major changes are coming this offseason. Everybody expects either Rudy Gobert or Donovan Mitchell to be moved, and the Hawks make sense as a potential suitor for both players. However, if you’re one of the many fans hoping Atlanta can pair Mitchell with Trae Young in the backcourt, don’t hold your breath.

According to reports, the Jazz are rejecting trade calls for their star guard, and the belief is they will only move him for a king’s ransom in return.

The Hawks do have the personnel and picks to put together an offer that would be difficult for the Jazz to refuse if the situation continues to sour in Utah. I would call it a long shot; however, this is the NBA. Stars force their way out of cities every summer, and even though Mitchell doesn’t have much leverage, far crazier things have happened. Still, it doesn’t sound like there is much of a chance the Jazz move him this summer.

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