Hawks: Several teams are targeting John Collins and view him as the best PF in free agency

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Jake reported yesterday that the Dallas Mavericks are prepared to make a “significant offer” to John Collins in free agency, but unsurprisingly, they aren’t the only team planning to make a run at the Hawks’ star power forward this offseason. According to ESPN’s Bobby Marks, “John Collins ranks as the No. 1 power forward in free agency, and teams like Dallas, Miami, and New York are well positioned to sign him to an offer sheet starting at $28 million for the first season.”


The competition will only thicken the contract Collins receives this offseason, which may be why the Hawks are seriously considering trading the fourth-year big-man.

From reports dating back to last season, it’s become quite apparent the Hawks aren’t 100% committed to handing Collins a contract that pays him in the $30 million a year range. It’s also becoming obvious that he will receive an offer in that range from someone in free agency, putting the Hawks in a tricky situation. Atlanta doesn’t want to lose a player like Collins for nothing, but they also sit just a game out of the 8th spot in the East and are primed to make a run down the stretch as they get healthier. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out as the March 25th trade deadline approaches.

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