Hawks: Three trade packages for John Collins with reported interested teams

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Last night, we got reports that three teams were “currently engaged” in John Collins trade talks.

I’m not shocked with any of these names. While the Heat seem the most interested, I think they are the most difficult partner to make something work with. When Eric Spoelstra is running the show, you know he’s getting the most out of guys, and it can be difficult to replicate that elsewhere. I’d be most interested in a deal with the Kings, as a trade with the Jazz may be tricky too. Let’s look at the framework of some potential deals I would do based around the report of a young player and a first round pick.


Utah Jazz Trade: G Nickeil Alexander-Walker, 2023 Unprotected First Round Pick

Atlanta Hawks Trade: F John Collins

It’s tempting to try and make something work with Rudy Gobert or Donovan Mitchell, but I’ll hold off on that. NAW is one of the few pieces that fits the criteria of what the Hawks have described. He’s 23 and can handle some scoring responsibilities, but Alexander-Walker is a free agent after this season, so the Hawks would be taking a risk on that end as well. I think this would be a pretty underwhelming return for Collins, but it would give the Hawks an extra pick and some salary relief. Maybe a player like Jared Butler could be thrown in as a sweetener.


Miami Heat Trade: G/F Max Strus, G Gabe Vincent, 2024 Unprotected First Round Pick

Atlanta Hawks Trade: F John Collins

Once again, this is a pretty underwhelming offer, as the Heat just don’t have the pieces to make something work. Duncan Robinson doesn’t make sense — I don’t see the Hawks taking a bad contract just to trade John Collins. The Heat are in win-now mode, so a first-round pick farther down the line could make more sense. I just don’t love this deal. I would pass on it unless a third team got involved.


Sacramento Kings Trade: G Davion Mitchell, C Richaun Holmes, 2023 Top 5 Protected First Round Pick

Atlanta Hawks Trade: F John Collins

This is a deal I would seriously consider if I was Atlanta. The Kings look to be heading in the right direction; De’Aaron Fox was one of the best players in the entire NBA after Sacramento acquired Damontas Sabonis.

If we’re talking about adding a win-now piece, John Collins is a fantastic addition. Davion Mitchell gives the Hawks a leader on their second unit, and Richaun Holmes is a good backup center on a manageable contract. The pick could easily be out of the top five, and the Hawks could scoop an extra lottery selection if the Kings miss the playoffs in a competitive Western Conference. I think this is a win for both sides, but we’ll have to see how things play out.

Photographer: Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire

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