Hawks: Trae Young isn’t too fond of his NBA 2k rating

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With the NBA season slowly creeping up, the initial 2021-2022 2K ratings are being revealed, and Trae Young‘s came out today. He will start the year as an 89, which he wasn’t too fond of when he heard.


Now, every player, especially a competitor like Trae Young, typically has a bone to pick with their 2K rating. Sometimes I agree with them; sometimes, I don’t. For now, I’ll reserve my judgment until I see some of the other ratings.

Damian Lillard five points higher at a 94 is a bit ridiculous. Some might be able to make an argument for him being better than Young, but I’m not one of those people. Young is just as gifted as a scorer and is on another level than Lillard as a passer, and don’t start talking to me about defense and clutch scoring. Young is just as clutch, and Lillard is just as deficient as Young defensively.

So, a five-point difference is a bit ridiculous, but we can chalk that up to popularity for now. However, I’m sure when the other point guard ratings are revealed that I’ll have plenty of bones to pick. The Trae Young disrespect is still alive and well, even after a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals.


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