Hawks: Trae Young will participate in the three-point contest

dhz190128013 atl vs lac

After ridiculously being left out of All-Star weekend last year, Trae Young will have a full slate this time around. Not only was he named an All-Star starter for the second time in three years, but he will also be participating in the three-point contest for the second time in his career.

Young is one of the most prolific three-point shooters the league has ever seen, especially from distance, but his first go around in the three-point contest wasn’t his best work. He only scored 15 points and was eliminated after the first round. Some of that had to do with inexperience, though. Young was one of the only shooters not to finish his final rack because time ran out. This time around, I expect him to have a much better game plan and make it out of the first round.


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